Mattias Åslund

Freelance software architect and team leader

I work for businesses with in-house software teams that need help with structure and processes, or simply needs a senior developer during a critical development cycle.

  • I prefer to work with Agile methodologies.
  • My main development platforms are C# and Node.
  • Azure DevOps is my preferred agile and ci/cd platform.
  • Obviously I am self-organizing and work within the full stack.
  • With willing teams I practice and teach tdd as much as possible.

While I prefer web development in React/Typescript and IndexedDB, I have plenty of experience writing complex applications in WinForms, backed by micro-services over gRpc using OpenID tokens. My preferred databases are mariadb, sqlite and mssql.

I have most of my experience in the retail, finance and printing sectors.

You can get in touch in any convenient way

+46 734